Sierra Measelle's Apology Falls Short (AKA When White Women Get Caught)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I was reading the article down at AsAm News and let's just dissect some of apology:

1. "I am sorry for the ignorant, hateful comments".

I look at something like this where either you knew they were hateful comments or you didn't because there's a difference between ignorant comments and hateful ones because you know the hateful ones are filled with...well - have to pick or choose. When you attach "ignorant" to that part of the apology you're trying to give yourself an out (and hope others let you) - because you're connotating
via word proximity.

2. "I plan to transform this negative situation into a positive learning opportunity [...] as I have learned that these words and actions cause others much pain".

And by others, she really means her friends, family, and place of employment, because she knew what she was doing when she did it.

That's where - I get it - to be viewed as somewhat salvageable (in the White community) - you have to do this, but wouldn't it be nice if just one time we could get a real statement where it's more like

"I got caught saying some racist things on video, and I knew they were hateful racist things to say but I thought I still had the upper hand - because I'm a White Woman - but now that people have seen this - my friends, family, and place of employment - well - they aren't liking me right now because I broke the rule of saying racist things outside of 'The Family' and now they all look bad. Honestly, I still like to make fun of chinky people, but I'm not going to say anything in public I hope I can put this behind me, until everyone forgets about it, and forgets about me."

Just be real.

And just for the record - whenever you make a job switch - someone will Google you - and those news stories will all come up.

Sure - you may get a job because someone who coincidentally is White leans over and tells you "Don't worry. I don't like those chinky bastards either and it's tough to tell the wet backs from the dog-eaters anyway and in the end they're all the same."

But hopefully - you actually won't be forgotten because *that's* what will really make a difference.

Public shaming and shitty apologies.