I'm Big And Sexy And Smell Nice. Asian Man Scent #1049283

Monday, November 12, 2018

Honestly, I'm probably not that huge, but I am pushing the scale a little--and that's okay.

I recently quit smoking--and while whatever--you are who you are--those smoke companies do target the shit out of the motherlands and I'm kinda like--enough chucking my money away so I can die a horrible death at the hands of a lung machine.

So you know...a little snack here and there...try to chew gum...but those sour candies keep calling my name...

And nachos...damn you nachos!

And leftover super spicy chicken from the Thai place down the road.

And 2 Whoppers for $6?

You know we like deals!!!!

So if I'm Asian, sexy, and maybe a little stockier--that's okay.

Asian Man Non-Smoker Scent #1049283.

Nice work if you can get it (and if you can get it from me...you need to twerk it 'cause you don't want me to squeeze the breadth out of you when my arms go out cause I've been pumping and jumping for the last hour--cause you know--I have more lung capacity--but my arms can only take so much....).

And on that note....