My Goodness, Just Leave Hasan Minhaj Alone - He's A Comedian/Politcal Satirist

Monday, September 25, 2023

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like all this "Hasan Minhaj is a liar" news is really just people not liking the subject matter of Hasan and it seems like a lot of these people coming out are...well....a lot of White People who seems to focus on a lot of White Things and White Comedians.

Robin Williams, even though some of his voices could be a little out of date today, was the king of hyperbole and story telling. That's what comedians and satirists do. But I never heard that about Williams. His cocaine stories were never put up to a litmus test of if everything actually happened. 

No--he did cocaine and told us funny stories about it (well you much as being a cocaine addict can be funny).

They embellish life to make a point to make us laugh and think.

Do people really think they tell us the truth about themselves all the time? Or don't write pieces for their skits/shows which aren't the absolute facts? 

What world are we living in?

Is someone going to sue because Star Trek isn't real?

Just leave Hasan Minhaj alone.

And yes, he would be a great Daily Show Host.