The Minneapolis/St. Paul Asian Film Festival 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Minneapolis and St. Paul - and the whole state as well - this one's for you. A whole film festival dedicated to Asian and Asian American film -- because it's finally time something like this got off the ground (and I'll be posting more on it later).

Thirty films, over a dozen countries, panels, and some kick ass filmmakers who'll be coming down for some Q & A's - the first one isn't always easy - and from what I understand it came about pretty quick (literally in a few months getting multiple organizations involved and on the same page) - but it's looking like it should be a kick ass time - so Twin Cities, like I said already - this one's for you - so get on out and enjoy it.

Some of the highlights

Definitely want to check out the Asian American program which is going to have the following feature films:

  • The Things We Carry
  • The People I've Slept With
  • The Mikado Project
  • Raspberry Magic
  • Open Season
  • Come Together Home
As well as the short program which will be showing the following:
  • A Song For Ourselves
  • La Petite Salon,
  • Blowout Sale
  • Rumble
  • Good Shot
  • Useless Things
  • Works Of Art
When + Where

Dates: November 3-13
Venue: St. Anthony Main Theatre