On Repeat: Far East Movement + Free Wired

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Few Of My Favorites


Probably one of my favorite tracks on the whole album it's got this smooth Electronic R&B Hip Hop Pop Vibe where you just want to roll down the windows, turn it up, and just drive.

So What?

I like the featured guests on the album - don't get me wrong about that - but this track with FM alone?


And a certifiable club hit.

Don't Look Now

Keri Hilson + FM = just exactly what you think it should.

Fighting For Air

If "Rocketeer" seems like that song you play while driving with that someone next to you in the middle of the night just feeling each other out in light tactile steps - because it just feels good, than "Fighting For Air" is its more aggressive steady tempoed cousin waiting to be let grinded down in a back room, random place, or club of your choice - in a way a prequel to "Rocketeer".

White Flag

Straight pop - but catchy as hell.

It's Just That Damn Good

There's really no other way to put.

It just is.

So get on out, pick it up on iTunes and put it on repeat.

No controls necessary.