Vote For The Slants At The Portland Music Awards

Friday, October 29, 2010

You know The Slants, their music, and their Pacific Northwest feel and if you're so inclined - get on out and vote for them for The Portland Music Awards.

Are you tired of hearing campaign ads from politicians mudslinging their opponents? We might be in the running for the Portland Music Awards, but we're not going to be trashing our competitors (even though they like to club baby seals and waste public tax payer dollars). No, we're just going to say that we deserve to win because our supporters are the absolute coolest, smartest, and sexiest out there. Not that you need it, but here's your voting guide:

Best Album (Indie) - The Slants: Pageantry
Best New Artist - The Slants
Best Band (Indie) -The Slants
Outstanding Achievement in Rock Music - The Slants
Best Live Performance - The Slants

Remember, you don't have to live in Portland to vote! You just need a computer, smartphone, or internet cafe to vote from. The site you'll need to go to is:

After the nominations are tallied and we move onto the final stages of voting, we'll let you know! Remember, supporting the other bands supports terrorism but voting for The Slants will bring us one step closer to world peace!