Triangle Offense: TGIF

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The hiptronic trio Triangle Offense has released their long-awaited music video for their lead single from The Courting, 'TGIF.' Sticking close to the message of the song, the video is a fashion show that focuses on individuality.

"I wanted the project to look clean and fun...reminiscent of a Gap commercial," explains TO member Finesse, who contributed on both sides of the camera by directing and performing in the video. "When you see the video, it's a blank canvas and the people provide the imagery. I wanted to show that each person has their own personality and it's cool to be yourself."

Like many past Gap commercials, it features a white backdrop that focuses the attention on the ensemble of 'models' in the video, which include cameos by numerous independent artists and fresh talent. Grammy-winning engineer Jesse Gladstone, singer Lindsay Kaye, "Sensitive Guys with Guitars" Marq Romero and Jay Legaspi, and Filipino hip-hop fixtures Bdubez and Deep Foundation all show off their diverse fashion taste.

Continuing the trend of new artists developing their product without the help of record labels and big budgets, the trio kept everything about TGIF in-house, from the composing and recording of the song to the filming and editing of the music video.

"We've went through it all - meetings with directors, going through reels, and reviewing treatments," says Finesse, "but then we thought to ourselves, 'we produced the song, we wrote it, we recorded it. We might as well shoot the video ourselves.'"

TGIF originally served as the lead single for their free mixtape effort The Courting. Their next project, the second installment of a trilogy of mixtapes entitled The First Love, will include more original music than the first, while still providing the TO treatment to indie and electro hits.