My Random Thoughts On The ECAASU Military Thing

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

First, I should just let you know that I have never actually been to an ECAASU conference in my life and I really don't have any connection to them whatsoever with exception to the fact that I was asked to submit a proposal for a workshop -- and even though I said no at the time I really did think about it and told myself that if I was asked again that I would certainly take part. Because it's a great thing they're doing - what they're trying to accomplish. To hear how it's grown, looking at the people who've spoken and put on workshops - the only reason I really said no was because who the hell would want to see a workshop from me? It would just be porn videos with me rambling about how a dog once licked some peanut butter of this guy I knew back in the day and me trying to correlate it somehow to the APIA community - and in these economic times (and yes I did just use that phrase) people should expect more for their money.

But I digress.

I Give You Links Given To Me

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And Another Response

This response/link was sent in to me by Gordon Siu.

All I Have To Say Is That It's MF Awesome

Isn't this what conferences are for? Shouldn't we always expect this type of incredible dialogue and controversy?

Can I hope for the same thing next year except complete with flaming cars and hoola hoops?

I just think everyone should congratulate themselves:

The ECAASU for putting on an event that caused the dialogue and controversy (because that's always good and apparently they didn't go broke doing it). Lai Wa Wu and Vijay Prashad for standing up and being loud for what they believed in. And the people who've been putting out their voices on this since it happened and adding to the already colorful commentary.

I mean c'mon - if you can't get some controversy at a student conference for Asian Americans I don't know where you're supposed to get it outside of a church orgy where the weekly potluck turns into a blessed Roman Shower where instead of communion they're giving out anal beads.

It's just the way it's supposed to be.