Wendy Cheng, Peter Coffin, Kimi Kobayashi, And Your Fake Girlfriend

Thursday, March 31, 2011

This is too complicated to actual post on (albeit because I'm really lazy) so I'll just give you the simple version.

Aspiring YouTuber (Peter Coffin) talks about his Japanese GF (Kimi Kobayashi) for eight months posting pictures and having conversations with her on Twitter.

Coffin later on goes after Wendy Cheng (aka Xiaxue) who blogs about her plastic surgery.

Cheng and Peter clash.

Cheng then finds out that Kimi isn't quite his GF.

She's real. But she accusses Coffin of taking her photos and creating online accounts for her and that her name isn't even Kimi Kobayashi.

And that she's actually Korean.

Kimi's Twitter account with 17,000 followers is shut down.

Coffin's lawyer sends a cease and desist letter to Cheng because she completely busted him.

The letter from his lawyer came from his own e-mail address.

Gawker posts the whole sequence of events letting everyone know what a colossal idiot this guy really is.