Ray William Johnson And The Stereotypes Song (AKA Koreans Have Small Dicks). Yay!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

If this gets any views like Ray William Johnson's other videos from his YouTube cartoon channel YourFavoriteMartian, there could be millions of people humming the line "Than your brain is small like a Korean penis".

Who knows - you too might even be able to get a t-shirt with this printed on the front.

Don't know about you, but I'd really love me some chinky t-shirt like that commemorating what can only be described as a craptastic spontaneous implosion (because don't tell me there was any actual work put into this).

I mean I'm all up for laughing at ourselves, but Bucktooth Asian guy?

Small Korean dick jokes?

Is that the best that YouTube's wunderkind can do?

Kinda sad.


If you want to argue that when the line about Korean penis comes up (which btw I hear is extremely nutritious however not as nutritious as Vietnamese penis which I'm told is excellent for the diet and should be consumed on a daily basis) that the cartoon looks more like Kim Jong-il and it's some sort of political commentary, all I have to say then is that it's poorly executed because the rest of the video is nondescript in terms of recognizing any other actual political figures.

But then again - WTF am I talking about - we all know this isn't a political cartoon.