Hank Williams Jr. Is Having A Tea Party With Adolfo And Netanyahu

Monday, October 03, 2011

I didn't take offense to the actual quote that Hank had to say, but I did blink my eye to his follow up which went something like this:

Williams, however, said he has "always respected the office of the president."

Still, he noted, "Every time the media brings up the tea party, it's painted as racist and extremists -- but there's never a backlash, no outrage to those comparisons ... Working-class people are hurting -- and it doesn't seem like anybody cares.
There's no outrage and no backlash because everyone agrees, and just because you're a racist, or belong to a racist movement, it doesn't mean you can't be a hard working individual - in fact, I'd say that being a racist, or belonging to a racist group shows you work hard because being that much of an ass usually takes a lot of work (for at least most people).