It's True: Brenda Song Is Engaged To Trace Cyrus

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If you haven't heard the rumors, yes it is true.

Brenda Song is engaged to Trace Cyrus.

I don't know what Trace Cyrus does or technically what a Trace Cyrus is, but nevertheless I am happy for the couple (as happy as someone can be who doesn't really know them and only knew about this because I heard it from someone else who probably cares more than I do - because I really shouldn't).

And what did Miley think about it all (we all remember what she did back in the day)?

"Can't wait for Brenda to be a Cyrus :) couldn't be more excited about my "sister in law to be" yay :)"
What else would she say right?

Although when I look back at that original post from yesteryear I can't help think to myself how spooky it all really is...