A Quick Note To Michael Moore On Grassroots And Occupy Wall Street

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I know we all love us some Michael Moore and no - there's really no tongue n' cheeekiness going on there with that statement whatsoever (although I do know how that sounds). Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, a little bit of Roger & Me -- Moore gets down to business when business needs a bright light shined up its gaping corporate political agenda'd perfectly lubed wouldn't it look good in Sodommania #301 take a piece of me for a price PPS (I'll let you nuzzle your nose up against that one if you care).

But watching CNN this morning I heard Moore say the following:

"It happened organically, from the grassroots, the true grassroots, and in my lifetime I have never seen a movement like this take hold this fast with this many people all across the country," Moore said.
Is the OWS movement doing it grassroots? Is it being supported by organizations that cross racial lines? Is it a good thing? Absolutely I say to all.

But Moore was born in 1954 and while he was young at the time wasn't the Civil Rights Movement still within his lifetime?

Wasn't that grassroots too?

If you factor in inflation - thinking instead of Web sites, Twitter, Facebook and the pipeline of instant information versus dollars and cents - what do you think the Selma/Montgomery Marches would have looked like then?

And weren't they already impressive enough?

Call me crazy, but as much as I like Moore - he's still an OWG regardless of if he's backing the OWS.