From The Mouths Of White People: TIME Says Your Baby Is "Racist" But It's Okay. Hmmm....

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Here's my quick list of what's wrong with this article:

1. Constructs of racism are more than this. Dilution of the word minimizes the oppression of People of Color.

2. Even if we take the title as truth (which it's not) it's okay for your baby to be racist? I don't even get the play here...

3. Of course this was written by some White Guy who only winces when his White Kid says to the Black Woman "Are you sad that you don’t have light skin?" and lets the Woman Of Color respond.

4. The whole tone of the article is laughable anyway. Kids are bad. But did you know how bad? Not a problem! Seriously...was there a deadline pending?