You've Been WhiteOuted: Sky Ferreira + I Blame Myself + Past Video Archive

Sunday, April 20, 2014

I never heard of Sky Ferreira before this, but I was curious to read it, watch the video as well as some of her other videos, and I can't help but think to myself:

1. How come the majority of dealers are Black but the detectives interviewing her in the room are White?

2. When I looked at her other videos, I swear, there's not a Person Of Color in sight. I just see White Guys when I see other people in the videos.

3. Why do people still consistently use the phrase "They are more well spoken..." when in defense mode? If you know POC and you're for pulling POC up, then you should know we kind of hate that shit.

4. I love how in her response she never looks inward or touches on how, yeah, as someone who's looking pretty pale, that maybe there is something to what people are saying because of the constructs of race and power (around the world). Why is it always the sentiment of "Fuck you, I'm not racist" versus "That was never my intent, but maybe I need to think about this a little more"?

5. White People aren't always going to get it right, and as an Asian American man, I'm willing to give them chances to grow (sometimes...) but when they come out and just get all kinda White about it, versus being introspective about it then I really don't have anything more for them.