The Micro-Aggression? Maybe It Really Doesn't Exist

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm not saying anyone who talks about getting the micro-aggression is on the wrong side of anything, but I was reading this article and I couldn't help but think to myself how so many times these days we seem to sugarcoat everything to make everyone else feel better.

Part of me wants to call bullshit - really really loud.


How about just tenets of life handed down from generation to generation steeped in racism from a corrupt society that hasn't always given us a chance?

It's not racist to bring up my Asian being even though it has nothing to do with anything? It's just a little micro-aggression?

I say bullshit. It is racist and I think we should just call it like it is.

People are always talking about how we need to use better language to engage better dialogue, but until White People can learn to be called White People and take the heat that they deserve, sometimes I don't always want to have that nice dialogue - because it's me having to tip toe through the tulips instead of having real dialogue where yes - I am the winner and there is a clear loser.

For myself, I just prefer to start something off like "You know what this racist MF said...."