Who Needs A New Girl? Self Love Is The Best Love. Definitely (^_^) When Watching @SelfieABC + Ratings Don't Lie

Monday, October 13, 2014

Just for the record, not everything sugary and sweet tastes good to me.

But this...

I'd like more please.

More John Cho getting sucked into Facebook circa 2011 wrapped in his grandma's shawl.

More Karen Gillan smelling like dead people because that's how you know it's vintage.

And definitely more John Cho wondering if his ex sees him as a stalker with a lactation fetish because that's just the way I like it (and I hope we see him with some great women of color too).

Timing Is Everything

Even though in the first two episodes I think they're still finding that right balance between comedy and drama (e.g. when Cho is meeting with his ex and we find out he's been a workaholic to the detriment of his relationships) I say give them some time--because they'll get it right.

Blackish, which I'm loving as well, has it's own learning curves, but they're both new, something different we haven't seen.

Let's give them some room to breathe for a while.

Those Rating Numbers Don't Lie

While people can lament number drops from the pilot, the October 7th broadcast of Selfie had a total of 3.99 million viewers, more than Family Guy (1.96 million), New Girl (2.61 million), Supernatural (2.48 million), and The Mindy Project (2.19 million). At the same time its 18-49 share was also the same as New Girl and Supernatural, and more than Family Guy and The Mindy Project.

Call me crazy, but that's not something I'd let go without a fight.