An Open Letter To Kona Grill On Your Barely Edible Bulgogi Tacos And Those That Serve Them

Monday, June 29, 2015

Dear Kona Grill,

Honestly, I blame myself. Why would I even try a bulgogi taco at a place like this is beyond me, but it wasn't my restaurant choice and I thought - how badly can someone fuck up bulgogi tacos?

It's gotta be semi decent right?

Honestly, and again I blame myself for tasting them - apparently you can really fuck up bulgogi tacos.

From the pastry shell which was too thick (although maybe it was because you don't want people tasting what's inside) to bulgogi meat which was basically some cooked meat on top of bolgogi paste that I could barely stomach (do you not know what marination is?) - just in case you were curious and could not deduce this for yourself - I did not finish these.

The only saving grace for me was the pickled veggies...if you fuck those up than you really have a problem.

At the same time, the server couldn't even get the name right stumbling over herself going "And who had the bul..zi..umm haha...however you say it - the tacos?" when she was looking at some of the White people in our party, but then when I said "Yes, I had the bulgogi tacos" she turned around and stumbled on her words saying she'd only been working there a few days and was still getting the names right, etc.

Good catch but still ishy.

All of which lead me to believe - and I'm sure this was hard to guess - that I won't ever go to Kona Grill to get some bulgogi tacos.

See you never,
Adam I hate Your Bulgogi Tacos Chau