Kickstart That Tumbleweed Zephyr + Pork Filled Productions + Maggie Lee

Friday, June 19, 2015

From the KS:

This Old West sci-fi adventure play returns to the thrilling, steampunk-inspired universe of our 2013 production, The Clockwork Professor. Two brothers, Atticus and Kai, climb aboard the Tumbleweed Zephyr, a transcontinental train headed out of New Providence for the wilds of the Western Territories. But what starts as a simple journey by rail soon veers off track, with airship bandit raids, twists of fate, wayward sparks of romance, and the lonely call of a train whistle echoing across the clear desert sky. So grab your satchel and dust off your best traveling hat for this epic new summer adventure!

Oh yeah!

Definitely get on down and help out of you can!