And Furious 7 Takes Over The #3 Spot On The All Time Worldwide List!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I'm not exactly sure when the numbers changed/updated since my last post on this but Box Office Mojo tells me it's true!

It looks like the worldwide gross for Furious 7 is now $1,520,000,000 - which is about $1.4 million past The Avengers.

Whoever told you that being #3 wasn't that good had no idea about what being in the top 3 was all about (or even top 5 or 10 or top 100 depending on what you're looking at because it's all relative).

#3 isn't too shabby even if that record won't be held long - because it looks like Jurassic World is going to knock it down and possibly even Titanic - but nice to have it now, and forever move ahead of Marvel's The Avengers - again, a great movie in its own right, but the franchise doesn't have the legacy of diversity that the Fast and Furious franchise has and in that way, it's a little win for what I think are smarter and better roles and casting choices (disagree however you may).

Congratulations Fast and Furious!

I feel the need for a marathon watch now (and btw - Tokyo Drift helped keep the franchise alive imo - and sure I still would have liked to see another Asian American lead in it - but it still kept it going).