1.25+: The Seattle Globalist Shines Light On Vivian Vo-Farmer (Not That She Needs It Though)

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Good article down at the Seattle Globalist on Vivian Vo-Farmer who has over 1.25 million YouTube subs.

Vo-Farmer says her family was very supportive of her non-traditional career aspirations. She recalls that the DSLR camera she used to make her videos look more professional was a gift from her uncle and aunt.

“I would show my mom my video as soon as I uploaded it to share with her what I had been working on all day,” she said. “She knew I loved doing it, so I felt like she was just happy to see me happy. No one ever told me I was wasting my time or doubted me which I’m so grateful for.”

In order to keep her channel alive and have a steady income, she and her manager work out deals with prominent brands to feature them in her videos.

Vo-Farmer said these kinds of sponsorships are the key to having YouTube as a full-time job.

She has worked with L’Oreal Paris and Pantene, which have taken her from Seattle to New York City to shoot videos for the YouTube channels of those brands.