The Power Of Bad Journalism: People Are Using The Star Tribune's Bad Reporting Against Map Kong To Fuel Their Bias

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This is why I won't let the Star Tribune off the hook for their reporting on Map Kong (and if you missed my letter and what issues I have with them, you can check out the post "The Shooting Of Map Kong: Is The Star Tribune Already Trying To Criminalize Map Kong As Someone Who Deserved It Or Is It Just Bad Reporting?").

Because it influences people in a biased way painting Map Kong as a criminal who deserved it.

These four references are just from one article and one thread - remember that the Star Tribune (according to their stats) is read by 1.3 million adults every week and their online presence has 7 million monthly unique visitors.

The power of bad journalism...


I should note that as a whole I've liked the Strib - but this - not this.

They need to take responsibility.


The article writers from the original article in question have still not responded to why they decided - and who led them - to look at Map Kong's criminal history and include only a partial look at his record (if this was integral to the story how come they didn't report on when the last arrest was? How come there wasn't a follow up?).