Fundraising Campaign For Ming Lai And Visions of Warriors

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Producer, writer, and director Ming Lai (Art Recession, Wall of Nanking, Journey of a Paper So) is coming out with a new film called Visions of Warriors:

As war and conflicts continue, many veterans are coming back and suffering from mental illness. In fact, 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Despite these shocking statistics, not enough people are aware of the rise of mental illness in veterans or the existence of alternative therapies. In “Visions of Warriors,” four veterans from the Vietnam War era to the Iraq War participate in the groundbreaking Veteran Photo Recovery Project at the VA Menlo Park and use innovative photography therapy to treat their mental illness. Photography therapy allowed the veterans to view life from a different perspective, appreciate beauty, be more present, and connect with others.

Because of the high costs of post-production, they're launching a fundraising campaign, with the help of their fiscal sponsor which is the respected International Documentary Association. Their goal is to raise $37,000, which will help pay for editing, color grading, music composition, sound design, sound mixing, mastering, and more.

So if you can help them out (and a little something can go a long way) go to: