Rinzin Dorjee: Body May Have Been Recovered + Tibetans Stand Strong

Monday, July 11, 2016

If you're not familiar with 55-year-old Rinzin Dorjee who was Tibetan and worked at the U of M - he was reported missing by a co-worker Thursday night with blood found at his workplace and CCTV footage showing him leaving by himself. Authorities found his car but all reports at this time show he did not seek medical help. This Saturday evening, a man's body was pulled from the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, however up to this point, the body has not been identified as Rinzin Dorjee, but it's likely it could be him (and at least one other news source is reporting that it was him, however not confirmed by other sources).

Local Tibetan community members have not felt like the U of M police though responded quickly enough. From Phayul.com:

The incident has since led to local Tibetan community expressing outrage with more than 80 Tibetans gathering at the UoMN police station demanding answers as to why such laxity in action took place. Boat sweep of the river and K-9 sniffer dogs were only made available after repeated pleas by the Tibetan community there.

The Tibetans had performed a search by themselves earlier for almost 12 hours and found belongings of the deceased by the river according to a local Tibetan Jigme Ugen who spoke with the local police on the community’s behalf.

Expressing dismay over the role of the authorities, he wrote, “The police, a local politician, the employer and the facility security failed this missing person. I know for sure that these figures of authority would have handled the entire situation differently if those affected weren’t people of color immigrants with English as second language. I'm appalled, angry and we won’t back down,” on his face book page.

More info has it comes.