Koji Steven Sakai + Goofy

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Read it when you can @ https://kojistevensakai.com/2016/07/11/parts-2-3-what-if-our-government-locked-up-muslim-americans-like-they-did-japanese-americans/

Check out Part 2 and 3 of my newest short story: Goofy. I originally wrote this story 2013 for a children’s book about the Japanese American World War II experience. I published it on 8Asians in 2014. However, with the recent events and rhetoric surrounding our presidential election, I started becoming worried that the events of this short story could happen again—not to Japanese American but to Muslim and Arab Americans.

I wanted to reimagine these events if they happened today to help make sure it doesn’t happen again. As I tell my four-year-old every day, we as decedents of people who were wrongly incarcerated in camps have a moral responsibility to make sure it never happens again. Here is my way of reminding us of our past so we don’t repeat it again.