WTF Tuesday: Chinese Nanny Beaten And Treated Like A Slave

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


All you have to say is wow to hearing the story of the Chinese Nanny who was beaten by her Chinese American boss (AKA Lili Huang).

The woman told police that she had been beaten, starved and threatened with death by her employer, for whom she worked as a nanny. The nanny had also been forced to walk on all fours for hours “like a dog” and fed her own hair, she said [...] Instead of a fair wage, she received frequent beatings, she told police [...] The nanny was also starved by the family, she told police. She was fed nothing but “scraps” and crackers, causing her to drop from 120 pounds to just 88 pounds in barely four months, according to authorities. The nanny felt trapped because she had no passport or money and did not speak English.

Among the items seized inside the spacious home was a bag that had been hidden under the nanny’s mattress. It was full of human hair.

Work your people hard.

But they aint slaves.

And they sure as hell aren't dogs to be treated without humanity.

Here's to hoping Lili Huang gets a taste of her own medicine and coughs up her own hairball.