Subject: Travel Pool Report 9 - Hawaii

Friday, September 02, 2016

Honestly, I have no idea how I got signed up for these White House Press Office reports, but yet I still don't unsubscribe even though I just see the headlines for the most part, occasionally click on one, and then delete everything else. For some odd reason I decided to post one.

Subject: Travel pool report 9 - Hawaii
The pool reconnected with POTUS and the cartcade just after 16:50 Midway time, making the very short trip to the landing strip. On the way we passed canaries, terns and officers' quarters which were designed by Albert Kahn.

Arriving on the tarmac, Cart Force One pulled up to the bottom of the stairs and POTUS jumped out eating a snack. He thanked some of the aides who helped organize the trip, shook some hands and made his way up the steps.

Air Force One departed Midway Atoll at 16:56, gliding over the reef and climbing into the clouds.
The flight was largely uneventful.

At 20:38 Air Force One Landed at Pearl Harbor.

POTUS left the plane and loaded into the motorcade, which is now moving through very light rain to Kailua, whence we came.