Too Proud + Mental Illness + Vietnamese Americans

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Good (but sad) article down at the OC Register, and mental health and therapy - gotta be true to what's real and deal with it - versus burying down deep inside.

Four years ago, Lanie Tran was broke and homeless. The single mother was living in her car with an adult daughter and a son who was going to middle school. “I felt stuck, like my hands were tied and I couldn’t move,” she said. “I felt ... paralyzed.” That’s what it took for Tran to eventually seek help from the Vietnamese Community of Orange County – a clinic in Westminster that provides comprehensive health services to the county’s Vietnamese population – to treat her daughter’s, son’s and her own mental health issues, which ranged from depression to schizophrenia [...] Tran was a war orphan who grew up with adoptive parents. In Vietnam, she watched people with mental illnesses stigmatized in school, in public, even within families. Tran did not want that for herself or her children [...] Tran is just one example of how mental health stigma devastates Vietnamese American families, a majority of whom have been affected by the multiple traumas wrought by war – imprisonment, torture in concentration camps – uprooting their families, fleeing by boat as they fended off pirates and braved turbulent seas, and eventually reestablishing their lives in a different country.

Read it in full.