Fine White America Trump Land. You Have Your World. We Have Ours. You're Still Going To Lose Your Job

Friday, November 18, 2016

If all of these White People coming out of the woods are just - well - here now (versus being put back under the rocks where they should be - and it truly doesn't surprise me at the end of the day that White America stood up for its White Ways, even though I had hoped for the better) - so be it.

But don't think I'm not coming out at you. I can puff out my chest just like you can White America.

You aren't walking all over me and I won't even come close to saying that you've won because everyone is looking to quash what's out there. If you haven't noticed no one is sitting down for this, and while you can point to a Trump Presidency for rationalization of your racism, guess what?

You're still going to lose your job. You're still going to be called out because it's already in motion - a better world than the one you're fighting for. You're still going to lose business because you don't get it. Voting for Trump - in secrecy and not admitting it may have won him the election, and there are definite repercussions, but thinking that it allows you on a personal level to get away with that?

It'll be denounced in the light of day when cowards always show that they are indeed cowards - because people still need to eat. They'll secretly vote for Trump and snicker in their back rooms, but they won't back you publicly.

So you've been warned. Charge at your own risk.