I'm Still In Shock #2: Racism Begets Bad Data But Now We Know

Thursday, November 10, 2016

At the end of the day, one take away from this election is that no matter how good your data collection methods are - you're not getting anything if it's not the right data.

If you can't get to the data.

If the data you are analyzing is hidden in secrecy because people's racism won't let that data out of the box - they don't want it to be shown on an individual level.

But now we know because racism can't be hidden - it shows itself eventually.

And while the individual data for the outlook wasn't the full dataset - we've collected the data we need to know because of how this election turned out - we understand now, from a collective level that you can say whatever it is you want Old White Men and Women.

But we know - we know what's in your hearts, we know how you want this world to turn out.