I'm Still In Shock #3: Protest Out This Nation. Light It Up With Power. Be The Catalyst For Change.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

If you have the means to do it - I say by all means - rise up and protest the election of this leader because it is our right to peacefully protest our nation's laws and processes. It is our right to speak up against the tyrannies that aren't inclusive of all Americans in this country - and that's what this election has done - and it's unavoidable.

A rift in our consciousness as Americans cannot and should not be subdued because these are the very same chasms that created the foundation for this country and have moved it along to a better nation.

As we grow we must fight. Just as the founders of this country spoke to create a better place to live - so must we now as the keepers of this country, as the catalysts for change, to face those same fears that they did and do whatever it is that we can - on a collective and individual level - to right the wrongs our our society.

We must continue to push back to the archaic mindsets that let this happen.

We must show the country what will happen if Trump and Washington set out to actually try and implement their racist and xenophobic pathways.

I say light this fucker up.