It's A Double Standard? I Just Feel Like Phrases Like "I Was Fucking These Bitches" By Asian American Guys In The Rap Game Kinda Sucks Ass. But Women Can Kick It All Day Long?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

First off I'm not gonna say I don't have things to learn, things to work on, etc. - not trying to play that game. And I'm not gonna say I don't listen to some old school rap at times that's like...err - I don't think I can defend that. Not saying that at all (but I also don't listen to it a ton anymore).

But with new music, new vibes, I just feel like when I hear Asian American dudes rapping and they're all like "I was fucking these bitches" - I just get turned off by a slick tune that has some lines in it like that.

In some ways I don't have this completely formulated and I'm kind of just thinking through a thought I was having a few weeks ago (or at various times throughout time) and all I can think to myself is - "Well, if someone's fucking you, you should be nice".

It's like if someone's tossing them some salad, that's really nice of them - because not everyone likes salad.

I'd be like "She's my queen."

She can still be nasty as a MF, but she can still be a queen (and I'm sure that in itself can be deconstructed - as can posts in this blog).

At the same time, I don't have anything against women like Raven Felix with that LatinX vibe going on doing what they do - because it's really none of my business in some ways, and I look at it as taking it back, etc. (although I've had conversations on whether or not a feminist can like the song and video above).

Like I said - I don't have this thought out - and I'm not saying all the dudes are misogynistic assholes - I just feel like they can say things differently, because it just kills the vibe.

And yes - I realize what I just did.

Which I guess just begs the question of language in general (for instance should I have starred everything above in the title?).

More to ponder at a later time.