Bad For Asian Americans: Trump Picks Ajit Pai For New FCC Chairman (Not Good! Not Good! Net Neutrality In Danger!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Yeah - this is just crazy - well I guess no more crazy than electing Donald Trump the President of the United States.

On "streamlining" the FCC:

Tom Wheeler, the recently departed chairman of the FCC, took aim at an idea to streamline the agency, saying that it was a “fraud” to say that it was “modernizing” the agency and suggested that it is really a way for major internet service providers to escape substantive oversight [...] Wheeler pointed to a 2013 Washington Post story in which lobbyists for cable and telecom firms were quoted as saying that they supported the idea of transferring key FCC functions to the FTC. “It is not surprising why they would want to transfer there. The FTC doesn’t have rule-making authority. They have enforcement authority,” he said.

And did you know that Ajit Pai - Trump's new pick for the FCC chair doesn't even need congressional approval since Pai is already a commissioner - however that is only as acting Chairman (because Wheeler stepped down) and he will need approval for the long term.

Net neutrality? Completely against it.
Pai vehemently objected to the FCC’s landmark Open Internet Order from February last year; his epic 67-page dissent statement takes issue with practically every aspect of it, from conception to execution.

The internet - created by the government and now as ubiquitous (or should be) as electricity - in part simply because it was a free internet - Pai wants free reign to the companies without oversight and regulations so that in the end they can charge whatever the hell they want for special data access (and don't forget Pai used to work at Verizon).

I really do feel like the end of the world is near.

And yes it is true - all Asian Americans are not created equal and sometimes I would rather have the White Guy.