President Trump Is Here: White Lies + Life Is Already Worse (AKA White House Pages And Mortgage Help For The Middle Class Already Cut)

Friday, January 20, 2017

Well - what the fuck do you have to say except I hope you were all lit today during something I never intended to watch.

Why would I want to watch Trump get sworn into office? It's like giving a birthday present to the the guy who's gonna cut off my nuts at some point - not gonna happen (the birthday present that is because I'm sure my nuts will get sawed off at some point - or at least maybe a snip?).

And what do we have going on already?

How about mortgage cuts for Middle Class Home Buyers?

Oh - that's gone now. Thought you were gonna save $500 a year - a nice cool 10K in savings over 20 years of your mortgage (if you didn't resign already)?

Yeah - not gonna happen thanks to the President Of White Lies.

And what about the White House supporting communities and ideas that are a part of this country and world?

Yeah - not gonna happen either.


You've been cut from the White House site.

Maybe you can find yourself somewhere on a Russian site?

Climate change?

Yeah - not important.

Doesn't exist....

If only I could say the same thing about the president of the U.S....