MTV + Sasami Ashworth + Cherry Glazerr + Apocalipstick

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Good article down at MTV on the band Cherry Glazerr who has Sasami Ashworth in the band (joining out this year) and a new album out "Apocalipstick".

Their new record, this month’s Apocalipstick, is certainly not cute. With two new band members in the mix, drummer Tabor Allen and multi-instrumentalist Sasami Ashworth, Cherry Glazerr fill the record with electrifying, slickly produced, ’70s-influenced rock. “I was a lone wolf!” Creevy shrieks over a twisty guitar riff on album opener “Told You I’d Be With the Guys,” sounding like she’s just punched through a wall. Indulgent solos and freaky synthesizers run rampant on the album, as the group lifts their once-twee sound to a higher plane of power pop and psychedelia.