Well White America (And Dumbass POC): You Wanted Trump Time And Now You Have It. Is He Really Working For The Middle Class?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You chose him America. I didn't. But so many other people did by either directly voting or not caring to vote. And I wonder how this is going to work out for some of the working class people who thought he was going to work hard for them (because so far it's not looking like Trump is working on behalf of the middle class). Basically Trump has:

1. Putting everyone from corporations into key positions (that's not draining the swamp of fat cats).

2. Put the pipelines back into play (and we don't know if he's sold his shares in Phillips 66 - so you can't say he won't profit - but his friends for sure could). Screw you working class people - your water doesn't matter.

3. Put gag orders on departments (which use social media to put out things like EMERGENCY information) just because he can't stand to hear about his crowds (and let's not forget about the EPA gag order). Just good old fashioned censorship.

4. Put into play that we should steal oil from the Middle East (as President). Umm....yeah....

5. Puts a federal freeze on hiring. More jobs! More jobs! Oh wait...

6. Takes money away from homeowners (and new homeowners). I feel the growth coming on fast!

7. Essentially stalls the EPA with a freeze on all grants and contracts and bans employees from talking about it. Good old censorship and who needs the EPA anyway? Mercury for everyone!

And let's face it - he's not even remotely acting presidential. He's still Trump the entertainer just signing things left and right he doesn't truly understand (and yes, if he can say people with years of experience don't know as much as he does, I can pull that same argument) - or just care about - and just caring about being loved by those around him (or those he'll have business dealings with later on).

White is right for a lot of people.

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