#250posts24hrsAAPI - 113: GQ + Keanu Reeves

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A promotional poster for John Wick 2 shows the widower assassin in an expensive-looking black suit, holding a Glock, while being measured by a man in shirtsleeves, presumably his tailor. Wick is of course played by Keanu Reeves, who appears to have barely aged since his days as Point Break’s Johnny Utah a quarter century ago. His hair is jet black, long and parted dead-center, the way it is in all of his best roles. His beard is slightly more grown in, and his gaze a bit more focused, but otherwise he remains Hollywood’s best blank slate. The man who went from gay street hustler, to FBI agent, to time-traveling metalhead in a single year. Keanu’s unique ability to seem detached from his job as an actor—the same quality that makes some critics groan because they mistake the actor for the characters he plays—has made him a divisive figure. It’s also why he’s one of my favorite actors, and one of the all-time coolest. It's why History is going to treat Keanu Reeves very, very kindly.

An older article from earlier this year but worth the read if you haven't already caught it.

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