#250posts24hrsAAPI - 145: Asian Americans, Christianity And Political Issues

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I'm a heathen (see recovering Catholic) so I can't claim certain things - but I do find the discourse surrounding Asian American identity and religion a good read.

For Asian American Christians, understanding ethnic identity is necessary to be able to more deeply understand and act on faith, politics, and justice, according to members of a panel who discussed these issues at Fuller Theological Seminary on Thursday. “Historians say context is everything,” said Dr. David K. Yoo, vice provost of the Institute of American Cultures at UCLA, who was one of three panelists. “How can we say we know ourselves without knowing our context?” Yoo posed. “To say that these things don’t matter is kind of deluding yourself.” The panel session, which was hosted alongside other events by Fuller’s Asian American Center in commemoration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, touched upon various topics such as how ethnic identity affects an understanding of theology or faith; social issues that are relevant to the Asian American community; and the need for the Asian American community to speak up and act.

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