#250posts24hrsAAPI - 132: Dear Non Asian POC (AKA Intersectionality Without Erasure)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dear Non Asian POC,

Just out of curiosity,

for those that don't like us - or seem to have issues with us at times...why might that be?

I mean - we're not White People.

Sure - sometimes the Motherlands want a milkier white skin, but - you know - it's not like wanting to be White White.

And that doesn't mean we here subscribe to that.

We're just the same as you.

Well - not really.

Because we shouldn't compare like that.

And we can't.

But we all do share at least some inequities.

So shouldn't we all be sitting at the table eating the Good Meal together?

And by that I mean Racist White People?


A little tongue in cheek here.

But you get the point. I'm just saying, the more we work together, the better off we'll all be - and yes, I do feel like just like for White People, the bad ones gotta go.


This time I'm really out.

Adam I've Been Up For Way To Damn Long But This Post Really Does Speak To Intersectionality Without Erasure