2018 In Review: #MeToo + Julie Chen

Sunday, December 30, 2018

I'm not saying the above screen capture has anything to do with anything - but I think about it. It doesn't mean I can't have compassion - or that I don't. It just means when you think about #MeToo in 2018, you think about Julie Chen standing behind Leslie Moonves. How she has to leave shows she's on, because she's standing in solidarity with her husband - a White Man who's been accused of 12-14 infractions of sexual misconduct - abusing his power as a White Male.

Shows btw, that she worked hard to get to.

That she got eye surgery for - and you can take the attitude that it's just a little surgery no big deal everyone does it --- or the complete opposite.

Is she someone who should be applauded because she did what she needed to do to get APIA representation on TV (regardless of her own perspective on it)?

Or is it internalized racism?

Maybe a mix?

Fair or not - it can be seen as an Asian American woman who got eye surgery to look more Western, who erased some of her Asian features, standing behind her White Man, who abused his power as a White Male.

Some might argue the image alone contributes to inequities.

True or not.

Real or perceived.

No matter what though, when you think of #MeToo in 2018 you have to think of Julie Chen, and maybe in some dynamics - on both sides.