Well...2018 Was All About Being Okay With Some Things...12 Years?

Monday, December 31, 2018

I kind of knew I wouldn't make 300 posts this year - but - I am making a small run and that's good enough for me (^_^).

You do what you can in and for your communities - and yourself.

Next year I'll bring more words...hopefully xD.

At the same time if my thought was that I should have had at least 1 per day on average - or close +/- 30/40 - if I average it all up in total - it's still there.

Now that I think about it too - damn - this blog has spanned 12 years.

I never actually did think about that when I started it - where I would take it, how long would it last, and what would it mean to me, no matter what else I was doing.

Hmmm....2019...I think you'll be a good year for everyone.