About Andy Ngo (?) + The Stranger

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I don't really know that much about Andy Ngo.

Here's some of the interview (?)


KH: Are you a fascist?
AN: No. Just because I'm not on-board with the socialist or leftist political agenda does not then mean that I support the extreme right. This is reductive and reactionary thinking.

Are you a racist?
No. I am critical of the so-called racial justice movement and its various offshoots because I generally find them divisive, authoritarian, and hypocritical.

Are you a Nazi?
I wish I could find this offensive but unfortunately this term has been appropriated from its historical context to become a meaningless slur.

So are you a Nazi?

Are you conservative?
I am described this way by others but my political identity is a bit more complicated. I certainly don't identify with any party.

Are you a Trump supporter?
I am neither a Trump hater or supporter. As an American citizen, I believe it is my duty to respect the office of the presidency and the electoral process.

Why do you cover the left behaving badly?
The problems with the right and far-right are well-known and documented extensively in mainstream media. However, the opposite cannot be said. Living in Portland, I witness what happens when the excesses of the far-left go unchallenged. It leads to people mobbing their neighbors and feeling righteous for doing it. I want accountability to happen on both sides. If the local media won't do it, I will.