Post Archives: Bernie Sanders, Inhaling Old White Guys, and Manspreading. Lots and Lots of Manspreading.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


This article was originally written for the YOMYOMF blog which was closed approximately two years ago and is being re-posted here for archival purposes.


I’ll freely admit that Bernie gives me the old-White-Guy-who-waves-his-finger-and-lectures-me-too-much vibe (while at the same time understanding that people can have a similar reaction to Hillary) and it’s one of the reasons he just kind of irks me, which I think is a good way to describe that because it’s not like I want to beat him over the head with a rock (and even if I would I’m sure it would be more in a Takashi Miike Visitor Q sort of way).

Maybe it’s not right. And maybe I shouldn’t say it out loud along with the fact that I also can’t turn away from an episode of “Tiny House Nation” these days – but why can’t I have my identity politics too? It can’t all be about the platform and you can’t tell me “Make America Great Again” doesn’t use that to his advantage. It’s just normal. It doesn’t mean it’s everything. But I can’t discount it either.

And so when I’ve seen him in debates, waving that finger, sighing like it’s 2000, sometimes I felt getting in the space of my chosen candidate, it just feels Manspreading.

Old White Guy Manspreading.

Chinese Pigtail Pulling Manspreading.

Sorry Honey, It’s Not Your Time Yet Manspreading.

And Yes, I Will Condemn The Violence And Death Threats, But In Kind Of A Weak Way Because I’m Not Winning And You’re All Corrupt Manspreading.

I just can’t help it. The irk runs deep.

Add on the fact that he’s decided to stay in the race until the bitter end – and I think bitter is a good way to describe what his candidacy is downward spiraling into – it just smells of archaic White Men who won’t let go because they feel entitled to it, and no matter how hard I try I just can’t inhale Old White Guys like that even if they might be filled with pot at the end of the November rainbow.

It’s just not happening.