Fine: I'm Gonna Break My Silence On The Sham Marriage Of Son Ye Jin And What's His Name...

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Listen. I get it. I'm not supposed to like What's His Name, even if I like him as an actor.

I get it.

And yes. I'm biased. I've loved SYJ forever.

Like forever forever.

But that doesn't matter.


Do you really believe for one minute that marriage is real?

Convenient maybe.

But not real.

And I'll say it...

Is that baby even his?!!!

I didn't see a DNA TEST. Did you? Honestly, I think Son Ye Jin went Immaculate Conception Korean Style, because she's just so awesome she DIDN'T NEED A MAN TO MAKE A BABY. She's so awesome, she can do it herself. I mean she probably could do twins if she put her mind to it.

I feel like What's His Name probably did some Korean Shaman Shizzle to brain wash her. And I don't know how he did it because SYJ is so damn powerful and amazing (although I'm guessing it was just PURE EVIL and What's His Name had to sell his soul).

But the evidence is there.

Look at her Instagram over the past few weeks.

She's not posting pictures holding What's His Name.

She's holding some drinks.

She's not smiling because of His Name We Should Not Say Out Loud.

She's smiling because of the Valentino hand bag.

And lastly...I mean COME ON!

Does this look like brunch for two?

No, it does not.

Oh I'm sorry. What did you say?

The other glass? The other fork? It looks like a lot of food?

That's an extra drink cause she needs one now because of You Know Who. The extra fork? C'mon. Do you really expect someone like SYJ to just use one fork? Do you think she's a Neanderthal?!!!!

And the food? Please.

Not only does she need to rejuvenate her body FROM MAKING A BABY HERSELF, but she needs to keep up her strength to WARD OFF THE EVIL.

I can only hope that these subtle cries for help won't go unnoticed and she breaks free...