Furies: OMG That's Some Kick-Ass Ass Kicking (AKA Who Knew Toc Tien Could Get Down Like That?)

Wednesday, April 05, 2023


The action is great. The story is great. The filming is great.
And the fight scenes. Damn I love some good close range tight space fighting and this has got a lot of that.
And yeah--that first scene with Bi--you ALL KNEW WHAT WAS COMING.
And that's what made that scene (and true, some things you just don't want to watch but you knew they had to do it).
Fudge me that was good as hell. 
I'm even gonna rank that as good as John Wick 4 (which was AMAZING).
Yup. Gonna stick to that one until the day I die.
Or die and come back to life like MF HAN.