Retro BTW: I Made A List Last Year (Thank You FeedSpot)

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

To be honest, I get a ton of spam at this e-mail address, and I'm not always checking daily or even weekly, sometimes it's like 1-3 months (but I'm hoping to do better and keep up because I feel like--I still need to make sure I'm checking in and I've been a wayward landlord of this space). 

But wanted to thank the good folks at FeedSpot who put me on a list last year (and I think there was another one too), and who I replied to like way way late.

Like today.

I have not been blogging as much over the last few years for sure, but I keep the site up because it's a piece of Asian and Asian American history and timeline (at least of some things and some items because I can't be the all knowing oracle and this blog has never been about the advertising, or making $). 

So you know--always nice to make a list like it's passive income...well you know (and btw, if you have any ideas for me please send them my way because selling White People and Orphans on the Blockchain just didn't catch on--but I'm telling you those were some of the best ideas and projects I've ever day they day...well, that actually probably won't happen but you get the spirit).

Here's the list in case you missed it: