Andrew Wai = Crew Subdues Man Banging on Cockpit in Flight

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crew members and passengers wrestled a 28-year-old man to the cabin floor after he began pounding on the cockpit as an American Airlines flight approached San Francisco, authorities said Monday. (May 9)
Chicago Tribune

The passengers sat stunned as they watched a man walk quickly toward the front of American Airlines Flight 1561 as it was descending toward San Francisco. He was screaming and then began pounding on the cockpit door.

"I kept saying to myself: 'What's he doing? Does he have a bomb? Is he armed?'" passenger Angelina Marty said. Another shocked passenger, Andrew Wai, thought, "Could this be it? Are we going down?" Within moments Sunday, a flight attendant tackled Rageh Almurisi. Authorities do not yet have a motive.
Maybe he was just having an anxiety attack.