Refugee Nation + PFP

Friday, May 20, 2011

You can still catch some showings.

Refugee Nation tells the stories of a community created by a U.S. led secret war in Laos. Intricately connected to the Vietnam War, Laotian refugees struggle to create a future as their American descendants struggle to understand their past. Since 2005, collaborators Leilani Chan and Ova Saopeng have been collecting oral histories from family and community members across the country to create an interdisciplinary theater performance that explores a growing part of the Asian American Diaspora that is yet to be included as part of the American experience. Through theater and movement they re-construct the stories of families trying to rebuild a community that has been spread like ashes across the U.S. and the world.ONLY 3 PERFORMANCES

Thursday May 19, 2011; 7:30PM at Ethnic Cultural Theater at UW
Saturday May 21, 2011; 2:00PM at Ethnic Cultural Theater at UW
Sunday May 22, 2011; 7:30PM at Ethnic Cultural Theater at UW

TICKETS: $15 (general); $12 (students and seniors)
For tickets and info, visit or call (253) 237-2336
Ethnic Cultural Theater at UW is located at 3940 Brooklyn Ave. NE