Bloodtraffick: Official Trailer

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bloodtraffick: Official Trailer from RockGinger on Vimeo.

Heard from Jennifer Thym down at RockGinger (from the folks that brought you the LUMINA Web Series) and they're back with an action short currently playing on the film festival circuit.

Looks like a lot of good vampire fun if you ask me.

In a world torn by a war between vampires and angels, a human vigilante on the hunt for her missing sisters is lured into the den of a vampire.

This is a sneak peek trailer for an 11 minute action short film which is currently on the film festival circuit. The short is a prequel to a feature film of the same name currently in development. If you liked the trailer or enjoyed the film at a festival, we'd really appreciate it if you'd give us a Like on Facebook (​bloodtraffick) and spread the word to your friends!

Starring: Grace Huang (​gracehuang) and Kirt Kishita (​kirtkishita)
Dir.: Jennifer Thym (
Producers: Jennifer Thym and Desmond So (​desmondso)
Editor: Bettina Enigl (
DP's: XiaoSu Han and Andreas Thalhammer (
Composer: Gerrit Wunder (
Action Choreographer: Philip Ng (​philipng)

Art Directors: Billy Lau ( and Suki Lui (
Sound Design by Sound Disposition (
Additional FX by Moviebrats (

Official Selection, Gen Con Indy Film Festival 2011
Official Selection, HollyShorts Film Festival 2011

More info, including behind the scenes photos, on and