I Was Listening To It In 2006 And I Like Little Caesars Thank You Very Much

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm thinking about getting a Prius now because at this point I do need four doors and I just don't know if I'm a coupe kind of guy. Sure, I'll still roll a big ass fattie while I'm hitting 5 miles over the speed limit - cause that's just the way I roll - but I figure why not do it saving gas? And more gas money saved is more money for taking out my woman to McDonalds (don't judge the Dollar Menu people).

While I'm at it I just wanted to say that I've been eating a lot of Little Caesars lately and I just think if you snub your nose at getting a large pizza for five dollars (sometimes $4.95 but I don't really understand that so please don't ask me about it) I just don't think you're a True American.

I'm also giving kudos to sugar cookies dipped in whipped butter.

And heart attacks.

Definitely heart attacks.